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We are researchers, methodologists and trainers, with decades of experience.

Expertise in qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods approaches to analysis and software.

We work in a variety of academic, applied, government, voluntary and commercial settings.

Our ethos is to provide impartial advice and always tailor our services to your needs. 

Our team has a broad range of experiences and expertise, which

we share to ensure you get the best possible service 

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meet the team below ...  

Meet the team
Christina Silver.jpg

Christina Silver, PhD

Co-founder and Director

Analyst, Workshop Facilitator & Author

Christina’s passion is working out creative and efficient ways to analyse data using software and facilitating others to do the same. She loves dynamic sessions where she not only trains participants but together with them designs strategies that are best-suited to the tasks at hand. This way Christina learns from those she works with as well as supports them in their analysis.

She teaches all the major CAQDAS-packages, undertakes her own pedagogical research, and consults on numerous projects. Christina is co-author with Ann Lewins of Using Software in Qualitative Analysis, and with Nick Woolf of The Five-Level QDA® method. Christina’s current focus is on facilitating the concurrent teaching of methods and software in integrated curricula.

Christina has expertise in all the major softwares: she is a global NVivo Certified Platinum Trainer, MAXQDA Senior Professional Trainer, ATLAS.ti Certified Senior Professional Trainer, as well as holding certified trainer status for Dedoose, QDA Miner, Quirkos and Transana.

A bit more about Christina ... 

QDA Miner Provalis
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