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Nicholas Woolf
Nicholas Woolf


Since 1998 Nick has taught qualitative research methods, instructed participants in several hundred qualitative data analysis workshops in the US and Canada, and consulted to numerous qualitative research projects, from individual Ph.D. dissertations to large multi-national projects.

After observing the challenges and the learning process of several thousand qualitative data analysis workshop participants, Nick developed a perspective and a set of principles for helping researchers more quickly gain the expertise that long-term users of qualitative data analysis software develop through trail-and-error. He called this the Five-Level QDA method, which he presented as the keynote address at the 2013 ATLAS.ti User’s Conference in Berlin.

After this conference he worked with Christina Silver in further developing and offering the method as a qualitative data analysis pedagogy, and their series of textbooks Qualitative Analysis using ATLAS.ti / MAXQDA / NVivo: The Five-Level QDA method was published by Routledge in 2017.


Nick is now an emeritus advisor to Qualitative Data Analysis Services Ltd.

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