We train and support users in a range of qualitative software packages, including ATLAS. ti, MAXQDA, NVivo, QDA Miner and Transana.


For information about selecting the most appropriate software for your project, see Software.


We also provide specialized project-based consultations. See Coaching.

We support all levels and stages of software use, from complete beginner to advanced user, and for individual researchers as well as project teams. Training is customised according to your needs and accompanied by our renowned comprehensive documentation. Our workshops meet you where you are in your research process, whether you’re preparing a proposal and research design, undertaking a systematic literature review or you’re well into analysis. Specialised sessions are designed to help you choose the appropriate software, plan your use of it, kickstart you into using it effectively, and move you beyond the early tasks of analysis.


Although most sessions take place at your institution, we can run both open and bespoke training. Get in touch and let us customise a session for you! Our most popular workshop models are:


Software overviews and comparisons 
These sessions focus on raising awareness about the potential of qualitative tools. Comprising demonstration and discussion of selected software package(s), we discuss key software features and highlight the suitability of products and tools for particular research situations and analytic methodologies. Direct comparisons between products enable informed choices and facilitate effective project planning. Typically, we cover 3 – 4 packages per session, which are chosen depending on the interests of the audience.


Preparation for software use and project setup 
Having chosen a CAQDAS package, these sessions provide a comprehensive overview of software and familiarisation with the range of tools and potentials. The focus is on planning for the effective use of software in the longer term and setting up projects efficiently. Topics include transcription advice and data preparation guidelines; targeted planning for teams or individuals; support with structuring projects in the context of different research design; and strategies for using software tools for analytic tasks. The focus is on early tasks but these sessions highlight the importance of longer-term considerations.


Intensive introductory software training workshops 
Intensive workshop-based training in a particular CAQDAS package can take place over one, two or three days. Two day sessions are our most popular model but we can customise to your needs. These sessions provide a thorough introduction to the chosen software package. Comprising demonstration, discussion and hands-on practice, participants get to grips with the principles and practices of using qualitative software effectively. Depending on the length of the workshop, participants work with their own data, or sample materials provided by the tutors.


Advanced software training 
These sessions are designed for existing software users and provide targeted support in sophisticated uses of software tools. You do not have to have attended one of our introductory workshops in order to take part. Sessions focus on the systematic use of software features to fulfil analytic tasks and are therefore oriented around participants’ own project work. Sophisticated use of software tools are explored and provision is made for one-to-one discussion of individual needs with tutors.