Make the best of available resources, already built to aid researchers using qualitative software to help chose the most suitable option for your needs.

We are happy to discuss your software needs and we offer completely independent advice on appropriate tools depending on your methodological and practical contexts. There are also several online resources which are useful starting points for making an informed decision.


Choosing a CAQDAS Package materials on the CAQDAS Networking Project website by Ann Lewins and Christina Silver. Working paper about CAQDAS packages with comparative reviews of many leading products. This information is complemented by ‘Using Software in Qualitative Research : A step-by-step guide’ (2014, 2nd edition), Sage Publications, London.


The ‘Which software?’ pages at Online QDA provide information and comparisons on many packages, including a useful overview of the particular strengths of some leading packages.


Harold Klein’s website provides information on software packages designed to support the analysis of text.