We provide a range of consultancy and data analysis services that meet your needs.


Include us in your grant application to ensure provision for the input you require.  

Project planning

We all know that the best research projects are those that have been planned well from the start. Engage QDAS expertise from the very beginning to advise on project design including study implementation, data collection, and data analysis plans. Involve us before or during the grant-writing phase!


Data analysis

If you have already collected data, we can advise on ways to handle that data, and brainstorm analysis strategies with you. We then can train you on a CAQDAS package that best suits your project’s needs, or, if you wish, QDAS is equipped to carry out the analysis in conjunction with you or your team. Involve us for our subject area expertise, as additional help to speed up your analysis process, and/or to increase analysis reliability.


Project write-up

Once the analysis is complete, we are happy to review your write-up for accuracy and clarity. If you have asked us to be involved in the analysis directly, QDAS can prepare and present a final report for your use based on the analysis we have conducted. Involve us in your project’s conclusion to ensure a clear and powerful presentation of your results!



Involving QDAS at every stage of your research project allows you to focus on your work, knowing there is constant support and open communication throughout your project process. From the very beginning of your project through the presentation of results, QDAS provides advice, guidance, training, and expertise to ensure your project is successful from start to finish. We are happy to work with you either face-to-face or remotely.